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നാണക്കേടാണ് നേതാവേ-- പ്രതികരണങ്ങള്‍...3

  • By Staff

Jai Hind Vijay


Whatever you have said is correct. But you have forgot to tell one important thing. How would Kerala pay the employees? I couldnt see any suggestion form you for that basic issue. For the sake of arguement you could say that is the responsibility of the governmnet to find revenue. But it remains as a fact that govenrment is in a crucial financial crisis. Most of the revenue is used inly for paying employees. Though it is needed, that is not the primary responsibility of a government. Employees got most of the benefit thorough unionism and muzzle power. They are the only category who gets their income consistently. This is a state where more qualified young guys are ready to do the work more efficiently, but even for a half of the salary. How could employees do a strike forgetting this fact. After all, government has not reduced their salary, not reduced their bonus or pension. The only changes are on the leave surrender and pension commutation. In a state where we have mor! e employees than what is needed and less job to do, whats wrong in saying that you take your legitimate leave.. Does it mean that employees doesnt want leave. Dont they complaint if government arbitarily cancels leaves. Also, it is not reasonable to ask government to take loan for 13% interest and give employees for a mere 4%. Government has done everything they could to squeeze common man by increasing their burden on electriciy, water,bus charge etc. There is no way out for kerala. Employees should understand that rather living in the false impression that strike could make revenue for government to pay them. If you open your eyes, you could easily understand why LDF doent take over the strike. Because they know it is not possible for anyone to satisfy employees by further sacrifising the common people.


With due respect let me vehemently oppose this article . Well , its the reporters right to bring up the issues to the common people but hey do you Kerala to be another Argentina ? Do the reporter has any solution for this than criticising the government when they dont have anything left in the reserve? Now ,I apologize if I am wrong but why dont the people understand and adjust and work together to bring back the economy to a better shape .

Thanks , Shibu Pillai.


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